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April 20th, 09 Added counter (not working)

Apr 25th Web Intro

Apr 28th added Mark photos

May  9th added E.Parr

May  16th  “The Journal of the Rev. J. A. Greaves.pdf” (Password protected)

May  27th Leatherbury girls of Mobile. Alabama video

June 8th Added Eileen’s email and others. Added Australian trip video

July 2009 Added lots of stuff. Haversham and People pages added.

Aug 1st Added Blue Heron - Uncle Bob feeds Heron fish he catches.

Aug 4 Peoples Story: Rev. Kit, Dr. Greaves, Wilfred Greave, Bernice Greaves

Aug 15 Haversham - Mark Greaves visit to St. Mary’s Church in 1999

Aug 18 Cleaning Stones - short version of Kits Gone and it’s Gone

Sep 6th Eileen’s Kayaking, Mark Taylor’s Fork to Taylor tab

Sep 11th “Cucumber” to Taylor tab and NFB The Northern Lights

Sep 15th Greaves added three songs by Rev.Kit & HiDef Sunset Welcome

Sep 18th Updated Blog - Green Screen Demo for Mac club - Weather Site

Oct 2nd Blog  added The Stress Free Capital of Canada

Oct 4th In Maxies Music Mixer - HD Fenelon Fall Leaves video

Oct 4th added Wollombi and Ivy Depot pre pages modified Blog page

Oct 12 Photos: RCAF Pilot Officer H. F. Greenway & Alma Mercedes Greenway (nee Johnston)

Oct 14th Movie Archive -  2009 Thanksgiving Cousins and friends

Oct 15th People - Agnes Greaves Diary 1893 (widows diary)

Oct 20th Movie Family Archive and More Movie Family Archive

Oct 20th Movie Family Archive: 1960s Perryman film of Fenelon and Greenways

Oct 22nd Pye/Greaves: Lawrence video as a child film.

Nov 5th My Artsy Movies page added for misc stuff.

Nov 12th Jack Greaves confirmation today - photos to Pye/Greaves tab

Nov 30th Nicholas (RED) Tab added - movie: Bootleg Glory Band.

Dec. 6th added photo John Grover Greaves born Dec 5th. 2009

Dec 19th Windsor visit added to Movie Family Archives

Dec 30th 2009 Grandchildren at Christmas party to Welcome page.

Jan 16th 2010 Five Guys, Sea Breeze Winery and The Shores video

Jan 22nd. My Dad’s birthday. Added his story to PEOPLE(Stories) tab

Feb 19th MissMary Makes Stew

May 8th Added Wilf Greaves Family & updated blog re heart.

May 11th New Music by Kit on Greaves tab-Will You Give Yourself To Me

May 17th Artsy - Pileated Woodpecker in backyard

June 10th corrected various typing errors

July 12th Aug add photos

Sept 17th Add Kit & Larry sing Blue Moon c1986 (Movie Family Archive)

Oct 1st Added Bernice Greaves funeral to Parr section

Oct 3rd added justin and friend ice dive to Greaves section

Dec 31st 2010 Family photo & video

Feb 28 2011 Marynana visit Soo Green Houses

June 26 Added links to Wollombi Australia  - St. Johns Church - 2007 trip

Aug 3 added Digerdoodo to Welcome page

Aug 7 added Greaves Cousin Page

Oct 6th added Tribute video to Steve Jobs who died Oct 5th.

Mar. 6th.2012 added St.Paul’s Ivy VA. USA history

Mar. 27th. added ice gone from Cameron Lake

April 2nd. Add wind patterns

May 9th. Add MaUsE 25th Anniversary Meeting in Whitby, Ontario (I are founder.)

Apr 20th corrected email.

July 2013 added Sherry Greaves Photo.

Oct 20th., 2013 added Eileen’s Fall vids and other stuff

Nov. 5th . Deleted old tree URL from early 1998 on home.i-zoom.net

Dec 9th.  Setup new hi res webcam page

Dec 21st posted My FlashMob Movie Made Dec 2013

Mar 18 posted Australian cousins 2013 photos

Jan. 2015 updated Capt Carney story data on his ship Neebling in Family (Stories)

Feb 17th. 2015 added a Moose sketch by Maurice Greaves.


Family Photos

  1. -Family please send photos.

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Family Events & Stories

Photos, Movies made from

old 8 MM film or video and VHS tapes, stories from family history and old diaries.

Events & Stories

Local and or other events that catch my interest. Articles written for publication or commercial videos are presented for you enjoyment.

General Greaves/Graves Family Chart below:


Another large chart of  Greaves English Branches covering proven relationships connected using DNA testing:


Cabin with wolves and Moose family sketches

by Maurice Greaves.